Netball Match by Madeline

On Saturday 25th January, the Thirds netball match was a great success. As we started off strongly, passing down the court flawlessly and with very little interception. We were playing King Henry’s and they started with the centre pass. They started strongly too, but we soon caught on to their plan of dodging the same way every time. We intercepted quite a few with our shooters getting almost every goal in!

The last quarter was especially hard because they were trying to get more goals in. As the final whistle blew, we were ecstatic as we had won 20-7. After the match, our players picked the man of the match it was me and Jasmine. It was a successful game and we hope to continue our winning streak.

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  1. sanjana sudeshkumarFebruary 3, 2014 at 11:04 am #

    nice blog Maddie and well done for the match!

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