Netball Match by Sanjana

On Saturday 25th January (which was also my birthday,) the U12s were playing a home netball match. It was the A and B teams against King Henry`s. At approximately 9:30am, we lined up after losing the toss on both sides, they had the first centre pass but we got the choice of shooting side. I was playing in the B team in this match. I was off for the first half and would go on as either GS or GK. Our shooters were Millie and Arushi, and our team was relying on them. They started off well, getting some accurate chances but fortunately our defenders Fara and Avani intercepted their shots.

Together Millie and Arushi in the first quarter shot 4 goals but unluckily a goal was shot at the opposite side making the score 4-1 to KEHS. Following a team talk, the second quarter began with the other team scoring 2 goals and now we had to buck up a bit. Millie and Arushi worked hard to receive the ball in front of her marker and succeeded in scoring 3 more goals.

Finally the second half started and it was decided that I should be put on as goal keeper because we shouldn`t let any more goals in and our shooters were on a roll today. In the end, we won 13-4 which was like another present for my birthday and we have only lost one match so far which is fabulous.

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  1. Rhea TakharFebruary 3, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    Great game Sanjana! Happy Birthday too!

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