Scratch by Naomi

This article is mainly for people interested in computer programming and/or playing ‘games’ that are  a) new & inventive b) LOTS of them (new ones being made every minute!) and c) not prohibited by the school’s Tru-View system!

Everybody — welcome to the MIT’s new invention! Scratch is an innovative, fun, inspirational and creative website for children of all ages and kinds. It’s a good place to start computer programming! Everything you need is provided, you just need to get into action and come up with an idea!

You can explore the website for ideas, games to play and even animations you might want to use! Edit your profile and make friends by following Scratchers. You could also show your appreciation by clicking the ‘Love’ and ‘Favourite’ button after you’ve watched a project. It’s simple – enjoy yourself while you are onlinScratchCate!

Start right now – I’ll put the link here: . What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that mouse button! I promise you will like it!

LOVE YOUR SCRATCH EXPERIENCE! If you did have a good time, you can tell me in the comments! (You should!)

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