Sports by Fara

At KEHS, there are a number of sports people can take part in. There are┬ámany opportunities to bsportse part of clubs and squads. We have swim, netball, hockey, rounders and a gym squad as well as an athletics team. These are only some of the many sports available. If someone doesn’t get through to a team, they can still go to the club and get better to then be able to try out the next year. At the beginning of the year, I have to admit that I was terrible at hockey, however, I kept coming to practice and I continued to get better and better. My hockey coach has seen an improvement in my hockey skills as well.

We have many people in year 7 gifted with abilities in sport. Many of us have only found out our gifts at KEHS as we are encouraged to take them up. We attend lots of matches and train about twice a week in certain sports.

Sport plays an important role at KEHS, many people end up finding their unique sport and thrive in it.

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