Wonder by R.J Palacio

Book review by Saniyah Ahmad

Wonder is a fictional book about a boy called Awonder2ugust with a facial disorder. He is homeschooled for the first 8 years then finally joins a public secondary school. The story is about his troubles at school. August makes friends, however he is slightly bullied by other people.

One of the first friends he makes is a girl called Summer. She was one of the few people who wouldn’t whisper things about August’s face behind his back. Throughout the book, you are not told about the appearance of his face, just that it is deformed.

“I won’t describe what I look like, whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse”

At the end you are told a bit about it. His facial features are basically misplaced and wonky.

Wonder is now one of my favourite books and I would recommend it to kids my age.

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