Review of ‘Skellig’ by Satpreet

The main character of this book is called Michael. He has just moved into a new house where a huge surprise awaits him. In his garage, he finds a crippled, living being who is referred to as ‘Skellig’. He doesn’t want to tell anyone about this strange man except from the girl across the road who is called Mina. Together, Michael and Mina help ‘Skellig’ get stronger. Despite this, Michael is always thinking about his baby sister. When she goes into hospital to have a serious operation on her heart, Michael thinks this could be the end and that his whole life will be in ruins. The mysterious creature that Michaelskellig has begun to love and care for is going away, he is certain that his baby sister is dead and on top of all that, he has school friends and school work to think about. What will Michael do?

This book taught me that looks really can be deceiving and that even though ‘Skellig’ had wings coming out of his shoulders, Michael and Mina thought that he was amazing and didn’t get scared of him or leave him to die.  This book made me really emotional at times and I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it until I finished reading it.

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