Chepstow Castle by Hana

On the 18th June 2014, all the thirds visited Chepstow castle located in Wales. However, to get there we had to travel a 2 hour coach journey, but that passed by quickly as we spent the time chatting, listening to music and eating a lot of sweets.

Upon arriving, many of us were amazed by its beauty and antiquity. Due to time limits we were put to work at once. Firstly we looked at the defensive features on the exterior of the castle, then we looked at the gatehouse and listed its defensive features as well. Furthermore, 3E alongside Ms Pallister went and looked at the kitchen, service area, cellar, the great hall etc.  I found it very interesting to learn about the different features.

Next we studied Marten’s Tower. However, to get up there, we had to go up a VERY steep flight of steps, which many people including some teachers were scared to go back down again! Then finally it was time for lunch, provided by the school.

After a little bit more work, it was time to go to the shop! Upon entering the shop, 3E remembered Ms Pallister’s advice to not waste your money on rubbish items like chepstow castlerubbers and sharpeners, however most of us returned with bags full!

Finally, it was time to return to the coach, and look forward to getting home!

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