The School Grounds by Ariel

I knew they were going to get me. The moment I stepped out of school they were there – they always were. My heart was racing in my chest, feeling like it would pop out of mSchool groundsy horrible grey school uniform any minute now. From the corner of my eye I could see them marching towards me in their short skirts and rolled up t-shirt sleeves, strictly against the school rules. I quickly tried to run to the bus stop but being me, short and stubby, only ran 5 blocks before having to stop and rest. I heard someone shout my name from a few blocks away and I stupidly stopped and turned around.

“Hi Alex” screeched the Cat Pack. The Cat Pack were a bunch of stupid, cocky, spoilt girls who teased people who were small, fat, smart and wore glasses and braces. For example me, Alex. I am the complete opposite to those nasty girls, who are all slim and have long shiny black hair, pearly white teeth and “developed bodies”. As I will say again, the complete opposite. I turned around and started to walk away from them, just like my mummy had said. The Cat Pack ran in front and circled me. There was no way out.

“Leave me alone!” I threatened, but it came out as a quiet squeak.

“Aww, little Alex wants her mummy” sneered Payton, the leader of the group. All five of them laughed cruelly. My second hand sandals from Clarks stuck to my feet and my fringe turned a dark brown and stuck to my forehead. Uh oh, here comes trouble!

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